Not Too Far, Far Away… SHREK 5 Is Coming To Theaters

We’re going back to the swamp!

DreamWorks Animation has announced that “Shrek 5″ is officially in development, with a far, far away release date of July 1, 2026. Original “Shrek” stars Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz are all confirmed to return.

Antonio Banderas’ return as the feisty feline Puss in Boots is not yet confirmed. I’m sure agents involved are still hashing out the details.

Murphy let the cat out of the bag, that he had already begun voice recording for the film and will next do a Donkey spinoff movie. Eddie’s on the nostalgia road and it’s working for him with, The new Axle F movie on Netflix.

Grab your torch and pitchforks! Find out more here: ‘Shrek 5’ is in the works for 2026 with original cast including Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz (