Greg Browning | 6AM – 10AM


I’ve been told I’m an “old soul”. Probably true, since I clip coupons and still believe in manners. But I’m also an instigator, in that I like to bring up a taboo subject at Thanksgiving just to get a rise out of the family. Being the youngest of four kids, I’ve been able to watch my brother and sisters screw up and learn what NOT to do.

Actually I’ve found plenty of ways to embarrass myself over the years…such as my failed marriage of 30 days. Or the time I stuck a tick-tac up my nose as a child.

I love to jog or bike on the Monon Trail. For years I was obsessed with trying to stay in shape. But as I get older, junk food seems more attractive. I also have a thing for Wild Turkey Bourbon. 

Now a list of random thoughts that define me: I believe in God, despise people who litter, realize one day that my mouth will get me punched, sleep in the nude, have no faith whatsoever in our government, suffer from IBS, love dogs and cats, hate to hear people eat or drink, am addicted to GOOD pizza, and plan on having my pets freeze dried when they pass.