Warner Bros. Looking To Conjure Up Sandra Bullock And Nicole Kidman For ‘Practical Magic 2’

Did a broom fall? Because—the magical kind—is coming!

Warner Bros. Pictures revealed Monday that it’s conjuring up a sequel to the bewitching 1998 hit Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman film “Practical Magic.”

The film had the pair playing witchy sisters who face prejudice in their small town, as well as a curse that keeps them from finding true love.

 Deals to snag Kidman and Bullock to return as the Owens sisters are in the works as well as deals for both of them to be producers of the sequel! Break out the Midnight Margaritas Practical Magic fans, this sounds like a cauldron of fun and of course magic! Pop on this link for more details: ‘Practical Magic 2’ is officially happening. Will Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock return? (msn.com)