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“Gender Reveal” Explosion Leaves Gal Blue-Faced!

Gender Reveal Parties…..I don’t get ’em……Actually, for both my children, I didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl until the doctor in the delivery room said, “Congratulations Mr. Stuart……It’s a boy/girl”!

But, a lot of folks do various gender reveal parties usually with a theme or a creative way to reveal whether they’ll be having a boy or girl……

And they don’t always go well…..Case in point:   A couple in Hawaii did one where they dropped a barbell on packets that would explode with either blue or pink powder. And a gal in the front row got “blasted”!

Check out the video below: (VIDEO: TikTok/loveleizzy)


To everyone asking for her POV & after picture! Thank you Lila for taking one for the team… team BOY!!🩵 F/U she’s doing great & laughing with all of us. A day to remember for sure! #genderrevealfail #genderreveal #genderrevealdeadlift @Papi Franz

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