Gene Simmons Surprises Fans By Saying, “No More Makeup For Me”!

(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Race To Erase MS)

It’s the end of an makeup smeared era. KISS frontman, Gene Simmons recently opened up while taking with Entertainment Tonight, saying, “We’ve got a little side band called the Gene Simmons Band, and we’ll be headlining festivals across Europe, South America.” It was his follow up comment that he will not be wearing the KISS makeup. And actually, fans might be okay with. Well, some anyway. Because it won’t be KISS, it will be the Gene Simmons Band, yes, playing even just one of the hits that made Gene a success. He’ll be turning 75 later this summer, so I’d bet Gene is looking forward to a more relaxed, less made up, look.

(source Entertainment Tonight via X/Twitter)