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The 20 Meanest Movie Bullies From The “80’s”!

We had a lot of great things in the 80’s…..right? I mean, no doubt, the music and the videos! The fashion was “off the charts”! The “big hair” was totally rockin’! But we also had some great movies released in the 80’s!

And a recent article looked at the meanest movie bullies from the 80’s! You know, guys like Chet from “Weird Science”…….Steff from “Pretty in Pink”…….and who can forget Scut Farkus from “The Christmas Story”? (I mean, the guy had green teeth!)

But what bully landed at #1 on the list? Just CLICK HERE/ULTIMATECLASSICROCK.COM to see the full list and find out who’s at the top of the list!