Kate McKinnon Stars Alongside ‘Mayo Cat’ in Hellmann’s Super Bowl Commercial

Creating a Super Bowl ad is often like trying to herd cats. Advertisers spend millions of dollars on media placement, celebrity endorsements, licensing pop songs and promotions in supermarkets. And sometimes they only need to worry about the actual animals.

Kate McKinnon stars in Hellmann’s new Super Bowl spot along with a feline known as “Mayo Cat.” Both work to make viewers aware of food waste and how the company’s famous mayonnaise can help reduce it.  I really like the messaging with this commercial because there’s too much food waste happening, and this talking cat actually makes you stop and think about what you can do to make a difference.

Whether or not you’re tuning in for the Big Game or the commercials there’s a lot to um “sandwich” with this commercial. Check it out here courtesy YouTube: Mayo Cat – Hellmann’s Big Game :60 (youtube.com)