Online Trolls Think Barry Manilow Should “Lighten Up” On The Botox! What Do You Think?

Barry Manilow seemed to be having a great time as he performed at the Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony. He performed a couple of tunes at the ceremony, “All I Want For Christmas is You” and “Because It’s Christmas”.

And actually, I thought it was great. The 80 year old singer appeared to be having fun and a good time.

But, the grinches, AKA the online trolls, soon began doing what they do……They trolled his appearance and mentioned he should lay off the botox!

I say: To each his own. If it makes you happy, and you’re not hurting anyone, you wear what you want and look how you want.

See what you think….CLICK HERE/NYPOST.COM to see some photos…………