The Surprising Connection Between Dolly Parton And Keanu Reeves.

Joni here and in today’s “Dish” I’m serving up really cool fun fact about two stars, that could go by their first names because fans know them and love them. Dolly Parton and Keanu Reeves are two mega stars who continue to give back to charity and philanthropic donations and initiatives. DONU (that’s what I call the pair), follow similar life paths when it comes to how they treat people and that’s following the golden rule!

The two superstars actually met when Keanu was in grade school and went to work with his mom after school. What?? That’s where Dolly comes into the picture. Find out how Keanu’s mom made Dolly’s stage clothes back in the day including her iconic “Bunny” outfit for Playboy here: Keanu Reeves’ Mom Designed Dolly Parton’s ‘Playboy’ Cover Outfit (