Why Is The Rolling Stones Famous Logo Mysteriously Showing Up Around The U.S.?

(Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images)

You gotta give The Rolling Stones (or the PR firm that represents them) credit, they know how to tease and get attention. Fans have noticed their iconic lips and tongue logo popping up at various locations across the U.S. So what gives? The Rolling Stones just released their latest album, ‘Hackney Diamonds’ so it makes perfect sense to wonder if Mick and the boys are planning a tour for 2024. Hey, they’re not getting any younger so might not be a bad idea to get one more tour in while they’re still in good health and the desire is there. Jagger is 80 but still seems to have the energy of a 30 year old! Now, what are the odds that the Stones would play IMS again like they did in 2015? Here’s to hoping they’ll be back in the Hoosier state!

(source The Rolling Stones via X/Twitter)