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The Mo$t Expen$ive Guitar$ Of All Time!

This is an interesting list. The most expensive guitars of all time.

Loudwire.com put together a list of the 22 most expensive guitars sold at auction! Who do you think is at #1?

Eddie Van Halen? Well, his custom Kramer guitar from the “Hot For Teacher” video sold forĀ $3.9 million and is at #3 on the list.

Jimi Hendrix? Well, his white 1968 Strat from Woodstock? Well, that one sold for $2 million and is #8 on the list.

Maybe John Lennon? He’s #6 on the list….his acoustic-electric Gibson J-160E sold for $2.4 million!

So who’s at #1? Well, that same person is at #2 as well! CLICK HERE/LOUDWIRE.COM to find out!