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New Documentary Tells All Behind The Legendary 80’s Duo, Milli Vanilli

Not everything appears as it seems. That was the truth about one of the biggest acts in music in the 80s: Milli Vanilli. Fabrice Morvan and Robert Pilatus had the look and the dance moves, but it wasn’t them that was singing their hit songs. Now, a new documentary ‘Milli Vanilli’, will shed light on what really happened behind the scenes. Candid interview with Morvan, Pilatus and many others who will help fans understand how the duo was created, rose to incredible fame, and lost it all. I was a fan. ‘Blame It On The Rain’ and ‘Girl You Know It’s True’ were my favorites. I remember playing their music on the radio as a young DJ and was totally shocked when the news broke that they had been lip syncing all that time. I’ll be watching on October 24th when ‘Milli Vanilli’ premieres~

(source Paramount Plus via YouTube)