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Are These Aliens? Researchers Show Bodies At U.F.O Hearing!

OK….this is crazy! This is scary! And this is unbelievable! UFO fans are going nuts and everyone else is like “whaaaaaaaaa”?

The other day, Mexico held its first congressional hearings on UFOs.  And a longtime UFO enthusiast unveiled what he claims are actual fossilized remains of two dead aliens.

They’re small, less than two feet tall.  And they do look like aliens. Weird, bony little bodies with elongated skulls, long necks, no teeth, and only three fingers on each hand.

He claimed they were recently unearthed from a mine in Peru and that 30% of their DNA couldn’t be identified. Supposedly, carbon dating showed the fossils were between 700 and 1,800 years old.

He also claimed X-rays showed one of them had “eggs” in its body when it died, with embryos inside.  A few other experts also claimed they’re legit.  And all this was under oath, if that matters.

Hmmmmmm…….maybe WE’RE NOT ALONE! CLICK HERE/DAILYMAIL.CO.UK.COM to see the photos!