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Will Joey Chestnut Set A New Record For Donut Hole Eating At Jack’s Donuts?!

How many donut holes do you think YOU could eat? The world record stands at 293 in 8 minutes! That record belongs to competitive eater Geoffrey Esper but Indiana resident Joey Chestnut hopes to break it! The Jack’s Donut Hole Eating Championship takes place this evening at 7:30 at their New Castle location (1400 Plaza). Let’s just say the Joey can eat 300 donut holes in 8 minutes. That’s nearly 39 DONUT HOLES PER MINUTE!!

(source Jack’s Donuts via Twitter)

Here’s footage from Katina DeJarnett, an internet personality who goes by the name Katina Eats Kilos, competing in the Jack’s Donut Hole Eating contest from last year…