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Elton John Surprised To Learn The Origins Of Rocket Man

Sir Elton John was left surprised after discovering the true inspiration behind his 1972 hit song, ‘Rocket Man’. The Iconic singer/songwriter only recently discovered the story behind the track – 50 years after its release. I know I’m scratching my head too and asking but how can this be? Well do a rewind.

Sir Elton and Bernie Taupin met in 1967 after they both said yes to an advertisement for songwriting. Skip forward five years, and the duo released their first hit song – ‘Rocket Man’.

“‘Rocket Man’ was our first-ever Number One record I think – and it was on the ‘Honky Chateau’ record,” Sir Elton said. “It was a pretty easy song to write a melody to because it’s a song about space so it’s quite a spacious song.” But then Bernie explained his original source of inspiration came from science fiction writer Ray Bradbury’s short book of stories. (Yes, the same guy of Star Trek fame)

Hear this now epic interview here: Elton John Surprised To Learn True Meaning Of ‘Rocket Man’ (uproxx.com)