Top 10 “Excuses” We’ve Used To Cancel A Date

Ever had to “bail” on a date? You know, one of those dates you say “Yes” to, and then decide you don’t really want to go or maybe you get a better offer? Haha! Next question: How did you get out of the date?

Did you come up with a lame excuse? Chances are that’s exactly what you did! And here’s a list of the Top 10 Excuses we’ve used to get out of a date:

1.  “I’m not feeling good.”

2.  “A family member is sick.”

3.  “I’ve got a work emergency.”

4.  “I have a headache.”

5.  “I forgot there’s something important I have to do.”

6.  “I realized I’m not ready for a relationship.”

7.  “My car broke down.”

8.  “I have a deadline at work.”

9.  “A friend or family member showed up unannounced.”

10.  “I got stuck in traffic.”

Here are a few that just missed the top ten:  “My pet is sick” . . . “I forgot we were grabbing food and already ate” . . . “I can’t find the place” . . . “You look like my SIBLING, and I can’t get past it” (?) . . . and last but not least, “I got arrested.”

Feel free to use one of them this weekend, if you need it! Haha! Keep on rocking!