Channing Tatum Plans To Remake ‘Ghost’ And Take On The Patrick Swayze Role Himself

How many movie fans fell in love with the unchained melody from the movie “Ghost”? And how many couples signed up for pottery class? No doubt the music, the writing and the acting chops from stars Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg made the film a classic and earned it a best picture nomination for an academy award in 1991. So why mess with cinema perfection? That’s what actor and producer Channing Tatum wants to do. Find out why here: Channing Tatum will remake Patrick Swayze classic ‘Ghost’ – Los Angeles Times (

Swayze, who¬†died in 2009 played New York investment banker Sam Wheat, who is killed and returns as a ghost to solve his own murder. In his afterlife, he tries to more fully express his love for his girlfriend, played by Demi Moore, through a reluctant medium, played by Whoopi Goldberg in an Oscar winning¬†turn. In the meantime, here’s the classic potter scene from “Ghost”. Courtesy:YouTube

Recreating the Romantic Pottery Scene from the Movie “Ghost” #shorts – YouTube