‘The Masked Singer’ Kicks Off Season 8 With Big Performances and Even Bigger Unmasking’s Including William Shatner.

“The Masked Singer” season 8 is back with wilder costumes, bolder performances, bigger stars and way more unmasking’s than any season before! Spoiler alert ahead Masked Singer fans.

The Knight has officially ridden off into the sunset after performing his rendition of “Puttin on the Ritz”. The massive studio audience voted him off first, and underneath all that shining armor was none other than legendary actor William Shatner.

I really enjoy this show because you get to see some of the best costumes on the planet and the sheer vulnerability of the stars wearing them. And Shatner did not disappoint fans. With his commanding presence on stage he took the mike from host Nick Cannon and shared his experience. Find out what he said and see the exit here. [VIDEO] ‘The Masked Singer’ Premiere Recap: Season 8, Episode 1 | TVLine