The Toy Hall Of Fame Finalists For 2022 Include, He-Man, Lite-Brite, And The Pinata?!

The National Toy Hall Of Fame has announced their finalists for the Class of 2022. They include:

Masters of the Universe (yes, He-Man and Skeletor are worthy!)

Nerf toys (yep)

the pinata (really?! This is more of a party game, isn’t it?)

Lite-Brite (absolutely!)

Bingo (yep)

Breyer Horses (what???)

The Settlers of Catan (nope)

Phase 10 (never heard of it)

Pound Puppies (yep, these were the early beanie babies)

Rack-O (what???)

the Spirograph (nope)

The top (it’s been around for 100 years, probably longer, so yes)

(source WISH TV via Twitter)