Brad Pitt Action Movie ‘Bullet Train’ Speeds Into Theaters With Badass Fight Scenes And Comedy

While certainly more spacious than airplanes, the average train isn’t exactly a vehicle that offers a whole lot of room for passengers.  But it’s because of this cramped space, that it was the ideal setting for ‘Bullet Train” the new Brad Pitt action movie featuring characters beating the ever-loving crap out of each other. The stars of David Leitch’s Bullet Train agreed that the limited space is a big part of what enhances the fun of the film. Brad Pitt even shared that action star Jackie Chan with his agility and wit was a big inspiration for him while developing his character “Lady Bug”. A hit man named Lady Bug? Oh yeah this one sounds good!

The movie is based on the book Maria Beetle, and its main characters are all killers, hit men, and assassins who board a bullet train in Tokyo heading to Kyoto. Each of the characters have their own motives and goals for being on the high speed rail, and quite often intersections lead to violent conflict and confrontation. Check out the trailer for “Bullet Train” here: Courtesy YouTube

BULLET TRAIN – Official Trailer (HD) – YouTube