Will Smith Finally Opens Up About Slapping Chris Rock At Oscars & Apologizes…But Will Chris Accept?

(source Myung Chun / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Time heals all wounds, literally. Chris Rock’s face took a pretty good smack from an angered Will Smith on Oscar night earlier this year, all because of a joke that Rock told aimed at Will’s wife, Jada. And now Will Smith has broken his silence, answering questions about his actions and absence of an immediate apology. He went on to share that Chris is “…not ready to speak” to him. Give it time, Will. It’s only been a few months. Much like Evander Hollyfield forgiving Mike Tyson for biting off part of his ear during that infamous boxing match, I believe Chris will find his way past this and at the very least talk with his one time friend. Forgiveness is powerful, not just releasing the pain the other person carries, but for the one who received the harm. I still predict an interview with these two, sitting together, talking it out. Who will land that peace summit? Oprah? Will’s wife Jada? Stay tuned~

(source Will Smith via YouTube)