It’s Here, Just In Time For Summer: The Ketchup Popsicle!

Remember Summertime when you were a kid? You were outside playing with your friends and you would hear the sound of the ice cream truck approaching! That magical sound! You would run inside….get some money from your Mom….and try to make it back outside before the truck passed through your neighborhood.

And what would you buy? An ice cream sandwich? A fudgsicle? Maybe a popsicle? OK, what flavor popsicle did you get? Red? Blue? Red, white, and blue? Haha!

This summer, kids will have a new option when it comes to popsicles. There is now a ketchup flavored popsicle available. No, not kidding! Just CLICK HERE/THEWRAP.COM to learn more……

Waffle ice cream cones with scoops of ice cream on a blue background.