Tom Hanks Lost His Cool And Lashed Out At Fans After They Bumped Into His Wife! Watch…

He’s considered one of the most liked and nicest actors in Hollywood. But Tom Hanks is human and has his breaking point. That was very obvious earlier this week as Tom and his wife Rita Wilson were walking back to their car in New York City and a group of paparazi and fans surrounded them. As you’ll see in the video below posted by Extra, one of them bumps into Rita and Tom lost it!

I’ve watched the video several times and noticed a couple of things. First, it was an innocent mistake. No one ‘tackled’ Rita or shoved her. And she was fine. Not injured. However, the paparazi are notorious for not understanding boundaries (remember Princess Di). Now in the video it’s not’s clear if it was a fan or a papazrazi photographer who stumbled into Rita…but safe to say it was probably someone wanting to get some video to sell to a media outlet.

This is why celebrities have security details and clear a path when they’re out in public. Tom and Rita’s security team was very present, but accident’s still happen. And again, no one was hurt or trampled. But seeing and hearing Tom Hanks ‘snap’ is like having that favorite teacher finally lose their cool! You don’t expect it and then you feel like crap for pushing them too far~

(source ExtraTV via YouTube)