Top 5 TikTok Challenges We’d Like To See

TikTok challenges……it seems like every month we get hit with a new one, right?

Sometimes they’re silly……sometimes they’re stupid…..and sometimes they can even be dangerous, so you gotta be careful!

The latest TikTok challenge has to do with putting a hanger on your head, closing your eyes, and seeing if your head will automatically turn sideways! Pretty stupid, right? (I can’t wait til I get home so I can try it! Haha!)

So, I decided to relay some TikTok challenges that we’d love to see! (Well, not really…..everything about this blog is a joke, a parody, some don’t try these! haha!)

  1. The look at your 401(K) without crying challenge.

2. The tell your Dad that the movie “Roadhouse” is just a dumb bar movie challenge.

3. The slide down a palm tree naked challenge.

4. The eat at a Taco shop with the bathroom out-of-order challenge.

5. The annoy Mike Tyson on an airplane challenge.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep on rocking!