Comedian Dave Dugan Drove 1,001 Laps To Break Round About Record In Carmel!

Ever feel like you’re stuck at a roundabout? Busy traffic and you just can’t move. How about being stuck for 4 HOURS and 29 MINUTES?! That’s exactly how long it took Indiana comedian Dave Dugan recently. Well, Dugan was out to break a world record for the longest time spent driving in a roundabout…and he did it! And it wasn’t just Dave being funny. He went in circles for over 4 hours for the Cancer Support Community. Not sure how many of us could have lasted that long in a round about! Even ONE hour, let alone FOUR! You’re a helluva guy, Dugan* WTHR covered the feat:

Of course we can’t forget the most notorious roundabout moment from ‘National Lampoons European Vacation’…

(source David Darst / Warner Brothers)