Photoshop FAIL: “Crazy Eyes” That Were Photoshopped To Wedding Photos When People Blinked. Yikes!

Have you ever noticed in the movie “Forrest Gump” that whenever a photo is taken of Forrest he closes his eyes…..he blinks…..he “Gumps” it! Haha!

And sometimes, people will blink during wedding photos and possibly ruin a photo that otherwise would be perfect or ideal.

Well, when that happens, some photographers can photoshop a pair of “open eyes” over the “closed eyes” and save the photo…..and a lot of times you really can’t tell.

Some photographers are really good at photoshopping, and some NOT so good! Haha!

CLICK HERE/DAILYMAIL.CO.UK to see some of those not so good photoshop attempts……….