Top 5 Reasons To Date A DJ

Well, go figure…..It’s “National DJ Day”……..About time we get some recognition! Just kidding! It’s the greatest job in the world and it absolutely, positively, beats “working”…..haha!

And in honor of National DJ Day, I present to you…..The Top 5 Reasons To Date A DJ:

5. A sexy face gradually fades away…..but a sexy voice lasts FOREVER!

4. Need any chores done? We’re great at taking requests!

3. At the top of every hour, we can update you on traffic, news, and weather.

2. All we want you to do is listen.

And the top reason you should date a DJ: We’ll never change the look of your wedding invitations, because we HATE format changes!

YOU, the listener, truly make this job worth doing! Thanks for listening and “see ya on the flipside”!