New Chips Made From Potatoes Grown From Dirt Out Of Lucas Oil Stadium Are Coming Soon!

Lucas Oil Stadium has inspired some incredible football since it was built 13 years ago. And now it’s helped to create some very special potato chips. The dirt beneath the field turf (or somewhere in the stadium where dirt exists) will be used to grow potatoes that will be turned into special, limited edition bags of Lay’s potato chips! ‘Golden Grounds’ will be special bags of the Lays chips tied to 29 of the 32 NFL teams, including our Indianapolis Colts! What’s cool is that the Lays peeps took a ‘sample’ of dirt from each stadium and then mixed it with potato fields in Texas, so yes, technically the chips came from the stadiums. Now, here’s the catch: the chips aren’t for sale, you can only win a bag. BOOO!!! It’s a well played stunt by the famous potato chip giant. Because the only way to win a bag of ‘Lays Golden Grounds’ is by following Lays on Twitter. Lays will do 5 different giveaways now thru Jan 21st so stop reading this and go to their site to find out how to win!

Okay, I get it, they can only grow a limited number of potatoes to make these special chips, but instead of doing this social media ‘follow me’ stunt, how about this: Lays should sell these bags for $100 a bag with all proceeds going to the children’s or veterans hospital in the community of each participating NFL team. THAT would have gotten Lays some incredible publicity and even a few followers on Twitter~

(source Lays via YouTube)