Gordon Ramsey Crashes Daughters Date To Swear At Him

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey decided to crash his 23-year-old daughter Megan’s date with her Ex – calling him via Face Time.  How many times do you think Gordon had to swear at her Ex. before Megan stepped in? I remember when I was in high school a Freshman and my Dad stepping in when my ex-boyfriend called me (back in the day on what they called a house phone) he said quote “She can’t come to the phone she’s outside playing”. Needless to say it’s mortifying when you Dad steps in with an Ex to save the day.

How long do you think Gordon Ramsey had to swear at his daughter’s Ex-boyfriend. Overprotective dads looking after their daughters is nothing new, but Gordon Ramsay has taken it to extremes. Hear it here: https://malaysia.news.yahoo.com/gordon-ramsay-calls-daughter-boyfriend-052605823.html