Man Mistakes Crocodile For Plastic, Jumps In Pen, And Almost Becomes “Lunch”!

The zoo has fences for a reason. To keep the animals in, and to keep the humans out. Makes sense, right?

But a guy recently misunderstood the whole fence philosophy at a zoo in the Philippines recently. He spotted a crocodile in a small pond area that he thought was “plastic”. So, he thought this was an excellent opportunity for a “selfie”! Of course!

He jumps into the pen, proceeds to wade in the water, and finds out the hard way that the crocodile is NOT plastic! It’s living….It’s breathing…..And it doesn’t like to be bothered! Let’s just say the guy was lucky to get out of there alive!

See pictures, see video and read the full story by CLICKING HERE/DAILYMAIL.CO.UK……..and be careful! Some of the photos and video is pretty graphic!