6 Things “Bad” Thanksgiving Guests Do…

Thanksgiving is this week. Lotta folks will be traveling….spending time with family and friends…..and I think it’s a good idea to share with you what NOT to do at your Thanksgiving get-together. Here is a list of 6 things that “BAD” Thanksgiving guests do: (In other words, DON’T DO THESE!)

1.  Don’t surprise the host with last-minute dietary requests

2.  Don’t show up empty handed, or with a surprise dish. 

3.  Don’t expect oven space

4.  Don’t arrive early, or show up starving. 

5.  Don’t “overserve” yourself. 

6.  Don’t overstay your welcome. 

Learn ’em, like’em, live ’em! For a more detailed explanation, just CLICK HERE/LIFEHACKER.COM…………Gobble gobble!

Thanksgiving dinner. Roasted turkey on holiday table with pumpkins, flowers and wine