“Dry Christmas Tree PSA” Or “Heavy Metal Christmas Album Cover”? You Decide….

Before I even start commenting on the overall “metalness” of the The  U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s latest public service message, I want to emphasize the importance of keeping a live Christmas tree watered at your home. It is extremely important to help prevent a fire.

Now, let’s discuss the message/photo/PSA that could easily double as a Heavy Metal Christmas album cover…..haha! I mean, a drawing of an ominous skeleton, engulfed in flames, emerging from a festively decorated tree…..I mean hand that skeleton a guitar and you’ve got the album cover to “Have Yourself A Merry Metal Christmas” featuring your favorite Christmas songs from your favorite rock artists! Haha!

See what you think, just CLICK HERE/LOUDWIRE.COM to see the PSA! (And remember, water those live trees!)