Paul Stanley Reveals Why The End Of Road- Goodbye Tour- For Kiss Is Really The End

It seems strange to be talking about the FINAL Kiss show but it’s a rock n roll reality. Kiss lost a year of their End of the Road Farewell Tour due to the pandemic, but Paul Stanley says a new End is in sight. For real? Yes.

“I believe strongly by the beginning of 2023 we will be finished,” says Stanely. And he’s adamant there will be no reconsideration, even for fans asking for more.  While some of those previous pseudo goodbyes reflected inner-band dynamics, the Starchild says this true end is a simple matter of “physical reality.”

The hard rock facts are that it’s incredibly demanding to do what Kiss does.  The guys are running around for two plus hours, not only with guitars, but 30 pounds of gear on.  Stanley goes on to say ” It’s more of a challenge than we want.” And he only wants to do it as long as he can do it smiling. Find out how Kiss plans to end their final show here.