And The Finalists For The Toy Hall Of Fame Class Of 2021 Are…

The National Toy Hall of Fame has announced the 12 finalists for their Class of 2021, and they are:

American Girl Dolls . . .(worthy and hopefully worth a lot of money if you still have one!)

Battleship . . .(how has it NOT been inducted yet?!)

Billiards . . .(love this game, but it’s not right for the TOY HALL OF FAME, meant to celebrate children’s games)

Cabbage Patch Kids . . .(no brainer)

The Fisher-Price Corn Popper . . .(who didn’t have one of these?!)

Mahjong . . .(what on earth IS this?!)

Masters of the Universe toys . . .(classic toys!)

The piñata . . .(not a toy, it’s something you SMACK! For that matter, I could be in the Hall Of Fame after all the smacks I got as a kid!)

Risk . . .(never quite got to the level of fandom as Monopoly)

Sand . . .(uh, what? Yes, we’ve all played in a sandbox. If sand makes it in, then you have to include mud (mud pies).

The Settlers of Catan . . .(nope, never heard of it)

Toy fire engine… (again, how is this one NOT in the Hall of Fame yet?)


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