Westminster Dog Show Trainer “Wipes Out” In Front Of Competing Dog And Ruins His Obstacle Run! [VIDEO]

Poor Ripple.  I feel bad for him.

Ripple is a Boston Terrier and was competing in the Westminster Dog Show…..the “Super Bowl” of Dog Shows…..(OK, I don’t know if it’s the “Super Bowl” of dog shows, but it’s a pretty big deal!)

Anyway, Ripple was competing in the obstacle run and was “killing it”!  Ripple was ‘in the zone”……Ripple was “on fire”…..Ripple was “going for the gold”…..

And then…..Ripple’s trainer fell.  He was running the course with Ripple…..lost his balance….and totally ruined the run.  Oh well, it happens….the two finished the course and Ripple did an excellent job.

Check out the video below:  (VIDEO:  YouTube/SPORTSNET)