The Most “Bizarre” And The Most “Expensive” Guitars Ever

This story was just too cool not to share…..A recent article took a look at the most “bizarre” and the most expensive guitars ever…..and these are insane!  I remember some of them, but not all….

I mean, Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick….remember his “quint neck” guitar….with 5 necks?  How about George Lynch From Dokken, and his “Skull N Bones” guitar?  Too cool!  And Prince’s “Blue Angel”….what a beauty!

Now, let’s talk expensive guitars….you know those guitars that sold for insane amounts of money…..Well, three of those guitars belonged to none other than Eric Clapton….but who owned the guitar that sold for the most money?  Find out, and check out all those bizarre and crazy guitars by CLICKING HERE/LOUDWIRE.COM………..