The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Has Announced The Class Of 2021! Here They Are…

(Photo by DENIZE alain/Sygma via Getty Images)


Tina Turner, Todd Rundgren, Carole King, Foo Fighters, The Go Gos and Jay Z have been chosen to be inducted this October into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. Pretty worthy group, but the conversation will now turn to the bands that have not made it in yet, who deserve it more than a few of these new members. I’m sorry, but how on earth did The Go Go’s make it in to the hall of fame but someone like Bon Jovi has not? The Go-Go’s have had two Top 10 hits, whereas Bon Jovi has earned 18 Top 10 hits! Something doesn’t add up here. I’m not saying The Go-Go’s aren’t talented or successful, but they appear to have jumped ahead in the line. Jon Bon Jovi has been very public about why he feels his band has yet to be inducted. He feels someone or ‘ones’ has a grudge or hard feelings against him which has kept him out of the Hall Of Fame. He’s not the first to express dislike for how organizers decide who gets in. Steve Miller, Axl Rose, Neil Young, Ozzy and others have had hard feelings for the Hall Of Fame, with some even rejecting the idea of being inducted.



(source Rock Hall via Twitter)