The Cicadas Are Coming…And Here’s Where You Can See Them!

By this point, you’ve probably heard all about the Brood X. If not, millions of cicadas are getting ready to emerge from the ground and fly through the air in multiple states, including Indiana.

This has been happening every 17 years since the Ice Age, according to the Indy Star. If this doesn’t sound like a particularly pleasant phenomenon to you, the good news is there probably won’t be millions of cicadas concentrated in one place. However, there will be a lot of them, and you will probably see and hear them.

They won’t be around for that long though—they mate, then die. The lil’ baby cicadas hatch and then bury into the ground for 17 years and the cycle repeats.

If insects don’t gross you out, and you want to try to catch a glimpse of Brood X, the Indy Star has laid out some places based on the last Brood. Spots in Indy include Geist Reservoir, Eagle Creek Park and Fort Harrison.

And just in case your super adventurous, here’s a recipe for chocolate covered cicadas!