If Stabler’s Return Wasn’t Enough For You-There’s Another Law & Order Spinoff In the Works!

​If Stabler’s return wasn’t enough for ya. Don’t fret!  There’s another “Law & Order” spinoff in the works.

NBC announced the upcoming launch of a new series in the franchise “Law & Order: For the Defense”. Say what?  Obviously, this differs from all previous series in the franchise because it will be representing the opposite side of law and order, telling stories from the defendant’s point of view.  Find out who might be cast at the law firm and public defender’s office in the new show and what creator Dick Wolf has to say about this departure from the OG Law and Order franchise.  Here: https://deadline.com/2021/05/law-order-for-the-defense-spinoff-dick-wolf-carol-mendelsohn-nbc-series-order-1234748597/