Tattoo “No-No’s”: Lover’s Name, Crude Images, Non-Spell Checks, And Radio Station Logos For DJ’s!

Tattoos.  They’re a personal decision for people…..I mean, first of all….Do you want to get a tattoo?  It’ll be there forever!  (Unless you choose to pay big bucks to get it removed)

And there are some “unwritten rules” when it comes to tattoos…..Some “don’ts” that need to be taken into consideration.  For example:

  1.  Don’t get your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name tattooed on your body.  You know what they say, “Sh*t happens”, right?
  2.  Don’t get a tattoo that’s a predicter of future events.  Example:  Your favorite football team to win the “Big Game” in 2023.  Hey they might be the best team out there, but refer to rule #1:  Sh*t happens, right?
  3.  Don’t get a tattoo of crude or nasty images.  They might be funny at the time, but the comedic value will “wear off’ in time.
  4. Don’t get a tattoo with lettering (a quote, a bible verse, a word, etc. ) without spell checking not once, not twice, but three or four times!
  5.  If you work in radio, don’t EVER, EVER, get a station logo or call letters!  Why?  Because in the world of radio, you know what happens!

A DJ in St. Louis forgot rule #5…..He got a station tattoo and was “let go” less than a week later…..Doh!  CLICK HERE/STL.COM for the full story…..