Someone Stole The World’s BIGGEST Bunny From A Playboy Bunny…..Wha?

You probably heard Stu talking about this story on the air, and you’re here just to see whether he was lying or not…….well, it’s true.

The World’s Longest Bunny (according to Guinness Book of World Records) has been stolen from a former “Playboy Bunny”…..let me explain:

Annette Edwards, a former model and Playboy bunny, now breeds and raises giant rabbits……and I’m talking “GIANT”!

And her biggest rabbit, Darius, has been stolen!  Darius is hard to miss at 4′ 4″ and weighing 35 pounds and police are trying to track down the kidnapped bunny!  You won’t believe the photo, check out the story and see Darius by CLICKING HERE/NYPOST.COM