There’s A New Cookbook Just For People Who Can’t Smell Anymore

Cheese and fruit charcuterie dessert grazing platter on wooden board overhead.

By @emilyontheradio

Maybe you or somebody you know still can smell or taste since getting Covid even after recovering otherwise. That’s not a new normal anybody wants to get used to, so two cookbook authors teamed up to create a free cookbook for the “smell-challenged eaters.”

According to Food & Wine, the authors presented people who still can’t smell or taste with about 300 recipes and whittled it down to 17 recipes. The recipes focus on texture of the food and umami, which should stimulate the salivary glands in your mouth.

They purposely avoid ingredients like garlic, onion, and chocolate in the cookbook — word is that those have become terrible tasting all of a sudden for some.

The comments on the Tweet from one of the authors has received a lot of praise in the comment section and people are excited about a new free resource to help them adjust.

You can order the book here!