Homeowner Finds Bizarre Religious Symbols Behind Wallpaper?

OK, I watch a lot of horror movies, so this story kinda “freaked me out” a bit…….just because it feels like I’ve seen it before on the big screen on any given late Saturday night with the candles burning and a beer in my hand………

Anyway, a woman in New Bedford was moving into a new house and started some renovating.  One of her projects was getting some old, outdated wallpaper off, and to her surprise as she and her sister were pulling it off, some strange images were found on the walls.

Not scary images…..but religious type artwork…..which renders the question:  “Who lived in the house before her…..and what went on between the walls”?

No answers just yet, hopefully soon….but you can check out the images by CLICKING HERE/SouthCoastToday.com……..