Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle Will Return in New ‘CSI’ Sequel Series ‘CSI: Vegas’

Everything old is new again, including the mothership CBS franchise series, CSI!   The not so scientific clues have been left like breadcrumbs over the past six months or so for fans to follow.  Including social media teasers of the original show asking the question: Are Gil and Sara still happily married and solving crimes together on the other side of the ocean?

William Petersen and Jorja Fox are returning as Grissom and Sara for a sequel series to the original CSI.  The new series is called “CSI- Vegas” and Gil and Sara, who are married, return to the sin city crime lab where they’re joined by a new team of crime scene investigators at the Las Vegas crime lab a full 21 years after the first series premiered.  Find out what other OG’s are going to be part of the new series and who might be making a cameo here: