Pure “Joy”: Check Out This Photo Of 98 Year Old Woman Finally Seeing Her Son In Person After 1 Year!

Joy can be defined as:  “A feeling of great pleasure and happiness…”

And a lot of us are experiencing moments of joy, slowly but surely, as we take strides in the pandemic.  I mean think about it….a lot of simple things have been taken away from us….things we took for granted…….things that will return…..just give it time.  For example:  Concerts, sporting events, visiting friends and family, etc. etc.  But just remember:  Every day is one day closer to having those things back in our life.

And you have to check out the photo of a 98 year old woman who FINALLY got to see her son after one year because of the pandemic.  I think the expression on her face is pure and ultimate “joy”….and I think you’ll agree.  CLICK HERE/DAILYMAIL.CO.UK…….