Uber And Lyft Team Up On A Database Of Banned Drivers

man driving a woman in a car

By @emilyontheradio

Ride-sharing services can be kind of scary because you never know who’s gonna come pick you up. I mean, you do… But you don’t KNOW that person and not everyone is a good person.

Uber and Lyft realize this. While they’ve taken their own steps to ensure the safety of passengers, they are now working together to make sure that anyone banned from driving for one service is also out of the question on the other. Banned drivers would generally include people accused of physical or sexual assault.

This list could be made available to other competitors provided they agree to the guideline set by Uber and Lyft. Banned drivers would be listed and broadly categorized, but victims of any assaults would be left off the lists for their own privacy and protection.

For a look at what steps each service has already taken to protect the safety of passengers, visit NBC News.

It’s worth noting that good drivers should be protected from bad passengers too. Here’s something that popped up from California where the riders were assaulting their driver.


Perhaps part of Uber and Lyft’s mission could also include a Banned Riders list. Although that could be more challenging to enforce, it might be create a more enticing reason for people to become drivers for the companies after seeing this kind of thing in the media.