What Time Is It? Almost “Tool Time”! Tim Allen & Richard Karn Reunite For New Reality Show

What time is it? Well, it’s almost time for “Home Improvement” stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn to reunite for the new History channel competition “Assembly Required,” a project that’s a perfect fit for two guys who hosted the fictional handyman show “Tool Time” for eight years.  Tim and Richard made their “Home Improvement” debut together thirty years ago!
“Assembly Required” will pit 3 builders – hammer to hammer – who compete from their own home shops- to create “insane builds with their bare hands” while both Allen and Karn pop in virtually to “deliver colorful commentary and oversee their work across two challenge rounds”.  I’m thinking the winner receives a 100 K Golden Wrench award presented by original “Tool Time” girl Pam Anderson.  Find out when you can catch the first season here: https://www.etonline.com/tim-allen-and-richard-karn-say-assembly-required-feels-like-a-real-life-version-of-tool-time-160775