The Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts People Do Not Want To Get!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so we wanted to keep you out of the dog house this year. A survey found the Top 10 gifts that people say they would be disappointed to receive on February 14th. Here they are:

1.  Furry handcuffs  (Okay, ‘Fifty Shades Of Gray’ take it easy! I think this could be a good VDay gift for a couple who’s been dating for a few months, but definitely not for a married couple of 10 years)

2.  Flowers (Are you kidding me?! VDay without flowers is like macaroni without cheese!)

3.  A heart-shaped box of chocolates (Again, it’s a VDay tradition! And don’t give me this “I’m on a diet” crap!)

4.  A funny card (yea, probably better to just bite the bullet and get the mushy, romantic card, guys)

5.  Lingerie (Again, this seems little too much like a gift you’d give and escort…not that I’d know anything about that)

6.  Champagne (how can you say no to booze on VDay?!)

7.  A love coupon book  (this does seem cheesy, but I think if done right, it can be very creative and sexy)

8.  Perfume (what are you sayin’?….I stink?!!)

9.  Underwear  (lace panties, yes. Tightie whites, no!)

10.  You serenading them (this is not a gift! It’s you being cheap and showing you forgot to buy something for VDay. Go get comfortable on the couch)

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(source 72 Point U.S)