Video: Couple Attempts To Recreate The Epic ‘Dirty Dancing’ Lift…It Goes Horribly Wrong!

Millie Slennett will probably never attempt the classic ‘lift’ scene from ‘Dirty Dancing’ ever again. While at a family gathering recently, she and her boyfriend, who is 6’1″ by the way, tried to pull off the move. Millie is a dance teacher, so she’s got that goin’ for her. But the downside was they were intoxicated while attempting the extremely difficult lift move. Shocking, right? After you watch the video below, you’ll be shocked to hear that Millie suffered NO PERMANENT NECK OR SPINE DAMAGE! She was rushed to the hospital and a CT revealed the incredibly lucky news. Tip of the day: Leave the ‘Dirty Dancing’ to the sober pros~

(source Dogtooth Media via YouTube)