Did “Friends” Steal The -Turkey-On-The-Head Gag from a Mr. Bean Movie?

Did “Friends” Steal The- Turkey- On- The- Head Gag from a Mr. Bean Movie?
Rowan Atkinson, the star of Mr. Bean, says his show did the same thing twice, before Friends stuffed a turkey on Joey’s head.  That 1998 Thanksgiving episode has become one of “Friends” most iconic scenes.
Aren’t there enough turkeys in Hollywood to go around? Writers recycle jokes for TV all the time.  And outright theft is hard to prove.  If you’re wondering what all the brew ha ha was all about here’s what Rowan Atkinson had to say at a 30 year celebration of Mr. Bean:  http://’Friends’ stole turkey-on-the-head gag from ‘Mr. Bean’, says Richard Curtis